Your HD television now has the ability to serve as a frame for digital artwork. Imagine a collection of paintings that come to life; proving ambiance to a room throughout the day and night. Now, enter the next dimension. Rather than simple still frames or video clips, you can have stunning high definition artwork brought to life and set to soothing music. Motion Art takes artwork to another dimension, moving the viewer through and inside a piece of art. Art set in motion can now be purchased in High definition Blue Ray format to be played continuously on your flat panel TV via your Blu-ray disc.

Making Ordinary Technology Extraordinarily Beautiful

Product Features

  • 10 Paintings by Artist David Miller set to motion, Blu-ray Video Art, 1920 x 1080
  • Can be played in your Blu-ray Media Player as a continuous loop of videos or as indivual motion art scenes
  • Full 1920 x 1080 HD video on Blu-ray Disc


These art videos were produced by artist David Miller in an effort to capture the fantasy and realism of his artwork through short video clips or Motion Art. When these high definition videos are combined and played back in a series, they produce a gateway into a beautiful world where you can relax and enjoy the tranquility of each scene. Sit back, watch and listen. Your mind will be wisked away to visions of Paradise. View waterfalls surrounded by tropical forests, pristine beaches under a full moon, and many more pieces of artwork that bring to life the breathtaking art of David Miller. Each segment can be played with or without a serene soundtrack correographed to draw out the feeling of each peice of art. Each painting by artist David Miller tells a story, and through the digital advancements of Motion Art - the stories come alive. The artist takes the viewer inside the painting - showing movement and detail in spellbinding ways. The power of a real painting transposed into video is the essence of Motion Art.