Art Motion Technology eliminates the need for additional brackets or mounting hardware. With it's simple, one piece mounting bracket, all you need is a cordless drill. The mounting bracket is designed to ensure you can hang the television on virtually any wall.
Click on the "Install" tab for a demonstation of how easy it is to mount your flat screet television.
This device not only beautifies your home by matching your decor, but it conceals the ultra modern look of
your flat panel television so that it integrates into your interior while adding artistic flair.

How It Works

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Ultimate Version:- Your complete home entertainment solution

Hiding auxiliary sound systems that enhance your home entertainment solution have been a perennial challenge for both commercial and home applications. Many companies have created auxiliary sound bar systems to create a more robust audio experience from your flat panel television. These are typically mounted at the sides or bottom of your television, but in full view. This can be a bit unsightly as they do not integrate well with most decorating tastes. Imagine the advantages of the Deluxe Art Window with an integrated 10 speaker audio system powered by a 1000 watt amplifier. This carefully balanced audio system is completely contained in the framework of the window and adds a mere 1.5 inches to the already thin Deluxe Art Window. This Ultimate system acts as a complete entertainment system when joined with your flat panel television. Play your favorite digital music or movies with sound quality only available in external stereo systems, all integrated into a magnificent piece of art.


Installation is a very simple process. Just lay the television face down into the recessed opening and secure
several offset brackets with a single screw. There is no need for additional mounting hardware. Purchase of
tilt, flush or articulating arm brackets is not necessary with this product. Once you have located studs or other
strong architectural material, screw the single mounting bracket into place and slide your television over the bracket.